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With our expertise, we know that what one takes at university doesn’t always relate to what career she/he chooses in life. We’re happy to consider just about any degree discipline for almost any one of several graduate programmes in the world. However, there are a number of programmes where specific degrees are beneficial. Find your degree on the list below to see which programmes may be suitable for you.

Any Degree CourseSelf Employment, Teaching, Stores, Corporate Affairs, Finance, Technology Leadership, Corporate Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Distribution, Buying, Merchandising, Customer Service, Telecoms
AgriculturePresently there is a shortage of people with training in agriculture. Agricultural scientists can be employed by private organizations such as manufacturers of agricultural remedies, food companies, farming enterprises and co-operations, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Agricultural engineers are employed by consulting engineering organizations which specialize in agriculture.
Agricultural EconomistMinistry of Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Industry, Labour, Environment Affairs & Tourism, Water Affairs and Forestry as well as provincial authorities. Other institutions and organizations which employ agricultural economists are: agricultural producer organizations; financial institutions such as commercial banks, financial banks and insurance companies; agricultural co-operatives; commercial and manufacturing companies concerned with agricultural inputs and products, such as the fertilizer-, chemical-, machinery-, forage-, meat processing-, fruit trade and processing and food preservation and canning industries; agricultural companies and consulting firms;
AgronomySelf Employment, Agricultural co operations, manufacturers of fertilizers and pesticides, harvest insurers, universities and agricultural development companies as well as the various agricultural departments
BankerAnyone who wants to follow a career in banking can work at any bank.
Building Services EngineeringSelf Employment, Property, Engineering & Technology Leadership
Business StudiesSelf Employment, Stores, Property & Engineering, Customer Analysis & Research, UK Support Office, Corporate Affairs, Buying, Merchandising, Technology Leadership , Finance, Distribution, Site Research, Telecoms, Jaster Communication, Customer Service, Teaching, Business Consultancy
ChemistryTeaching, Technology Leadership, Product Technology, Finance,
Civil EngeneeringThere are several options open to the civil engineering professional, namely: » With national, provincial and local government bodies. Here the emphasis is on the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of engineering facilities. » Consultancies, where the emphasis is on planning, design and supervision of construction. A recent trend is to design and supervise the implementation of maintenance strategies. » Construction companies, where the emphasis is the management of people and material resources to implement projects according to the design, specifications and contract conditions, agreed to with the client. » Non-civil engineering companies employ professionals to ensure that the company is appropriately served in respect of their civil engineering needs. » Some are employed in teaching and research at.
DentistDentists who prefer a fixed salary with additional benefits to a private practice, may be employed by the following institutions: Department of Health, the National Defence Force, the Chamber of Mines, provincial administrations and universities and, as well as hospitals and clinics.
Electrical EngeneeringThe electronic and electrical industries are nowadays the fastest growing. Electrical and electronic engineers work in a wide spectrum of organisations and firms. This includes private consultation firms and development laboratories, large and small private companies involved with design, development, production and marketing of electronic systems, subsystems and components of products, as well as government and semigovernment organisations.
Explosive ExpertExplosives experts are employed mainly by the following institutes: The SA National Defence Force, SA Police Service, the Department of Minerals and Energy, Armscor, Denel, AECI Explosives Limited and SMX Explosives and many other smaller companies.
Information TechnologyLecturers/Teachers. Enterpreneurship,Technology Leadership,Telecoms, Networks Administration, I.C.T Consultancy, System Analysts
Electrical EngineeringTechnology Leadership, Product Technology, Telecoms, Consultancy, Self Employment
Food Science/TechnologyProduct Technology, Telecoms, Health Centers, Restaurants,
GeographySite ResearchTechnology Leadership , Non Governmental Organizations, Teaching, Although education is still one of the largest employers of geographers, they often work for organisations like urban and rural planning firms, environmental consultants, ecological planners, city councils, tourist agencies, holiday resorts, park boards, government departments and provincial governments
Human Resource ManagerMost medium size and larger organisations in the public or private sectors employ human resources managers.
Land SurveyorCareer opportunities for land surveyors exist at govemment departments, universities, provincial administrations, municipalities, and in private practice.
LawIf you pursue a career in Law you can work at one of the following institutions: » Department of Justice. » Legal firms as attorney or advocate. » Public and private companies as legal adviser. » Other government departments as legal officer or legal adviser.
LogisticsSupply Chain, DistributionTechnology Leadership, Telecoms
LibrarianLibrarians and information workers are employed by schools, city councils, universities, and colleges, big government organisations, research bodies and other organisations with libraries. The work of a librarian and information worker is becoming more complex with the improvement in information technology and therefore there is a need for qualified persons to work especially at research at university libraries.
MarketingCorporate Marketing,, Technology Leadership, Telecoms, In any industry that markets products or services such as:   Industrial » Industrial manufacturing (products that are manufactured to manufacture other products such as steel, spare parts and material for jewelry). » Engineering related industries » Construction (building, plumbing and civil engineering) . Services » Companies involved in the manufacturing and preparation of medical and pharmaceutical products. » Companies involved in supplying products. Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) » Manufacturing anything people need, buy and use every day. » Wholesale and retailing. » Caterers. » Grocery stores and clothes.
Material ScienceProduct Technology
MathematiciansTechnology Leadership, Customer Analysis, Finance, Site Research, Telecoms, Finance, Mathematicians are employed by mining companies, assurance and investment companies, organisations with research.
Mechanical EngineeringProduct Technology, Property & Engineering, Technology Leadership, Telecoms, Self Employment,
MedicineMedical doctors can work in hospitals, clinics, private practices, state departments, tertiary institutions such as universities and technikons in lecturing posts, laboratories, sports and research, etc
MusicTeaching, Theatres, symphony orchestras, private bands, the military bands, choirs and organisations such as churches.
NursingEmployment opportunities for nurses are unlimited. Nurses can be employed by educational departments, government departments, municipalities, medical practitioners and specialists, old-age homes, rehabilitation centres and in private practices.
Operational ResearchCustomer Analysis, Site Research
PharmacistMedicine manufacturers, private and state hospitals, government departments such as the National Defense Force and private practices employ pharmacists.
Police officeWorking field is the organizations that are government who is ruling the country. Work for public too.
PsychologyPossible places of employment (depending to some extent on registration category) are hospitals (private, public, psychiatric) and community clinics, rehabilitation clinics, the Department of Labour, universities, education departments, churches, business industry and in private practice as a therapist or as a consultant. Psychologist can start their own private practices.
PropertyProperty & Engineering, Customer Service
Public Relations OfficerPublic relations practitioners are employed by any type of organisation for example government departments, municipalities, mining houses, charity organisations and a host of other commercial and industrial concerns.
Purchasing OfficerPurchasing managers can work for any large organisation.
Sales PersonEmployment possibilities exist at various manufacturers and product distributors, shops, chain stores and similar undertakings.
StatisticsSite Research, Customer AnalysisTechnology Leadership, Finance,Site Research
Sports ManagerSports administrator, sports club manager and sports marketer are a few occupations a person can pursue. Occupations such as sport advancement officer and sports promoter may also be pursued.
Social WorkerThe civil service is at present the main employer of qualified social workers. Other organisations that provide social work services or where social work is secondary to their primary functions, are for example The Christian Social Councils of the Dutch Reformed Church, the S.A. National Council for Child and Family Welfare, SA Federal Council of Disability, S.A. National Council regarding Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, S.A. Family and Marriage Society (FAMSA), provincial hospitals, Iscor, Sasol, various mines and other large commercial and industrial organisations. An increasing number of social workers are in private practice. Important posts in personnel management are filled by social workers. Persons with the necessary qualifications and experience hold lecturing posts at training institutions. Can I work for myself in this occupation? In order to employ themselves, an increasing number of social workers are in private practice.
TeacherA teacher can work at any school (private or public).
The conscientious teacher that works hard and studies further, can be promoted to positions such as head of department, vice-principal of the school, principal of the school, inspector of schools, educational planner or lecturer at a teacher training college or university.
Supply Chain ManagementSupply Chain, DistributionTechnology Leadership
ZoologyNational research institutes, the Oceanographic Research Institute and the National Collection for Insects; the departments of Agriculture, Water Affairs and Environment Affairs; museums; zoos; the National Parks Board, provincial nature conservation departments and private organisations such as game farms, pharmaceutical firms and others.


There are a number of important skills that enable our graduates to be successful in our business regardless of the department that they join. These include;

  • Motivation and drive
  • Managing and leading people
  • Planning and organising
  • Team work
  • Problem solving
  • Articulate communication
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

If you enjoy analysing and interpreting data, the following graduate programmes may suit your skills better;

  • Buying
  • Customer Analysis
  • Finance
  • Merchandising
  • Product Technology
  • Technology Leadership
  • Telecoms
  • Site Research

Or perhaps you have a keen interest in the internet? If so the or Technology Leadership programmes may be more appealing. They are both very different programmes though so be sure to select and apply carefully.

If you are a creative thinker and enjoy developing innovative ideas and solutions, consider applying to one of the following graduate programmes;

  • Buying
  • Corporate Marketing
  • Customer Analysis
  • Merchandising
  • Product Technology
  • Technology Leadership
  • Telecoms

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